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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Redhood, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Redhood

    Redhood New Member

    I need some guy or two to create a website for me, it isn't that hard as of right now, I just need some pictures uploaded and laid out plus information. Basically it's a rental site. I'll supple all the crap to upload into the site. There will only be a few links.

    Besides statcounter if you know more about how to track peoples movements on the websites the better. This job shouldn't cost a lot, I'm a web designer myself & I could do all this crap for free.. The thing is I an't got much time on my hands plus having to handle the business side of this shit I defiantly an't got no time.

    I'm looking for straight forward mellow dudes, people that are willing to wait for their money, I promise you'll be loaded if you're easy and by the time you're done with me you won't be needing to work no 9 to 5 job no more.

    I'll pay you, but I'd prefer to be partners and pay you in commission or percentage credits, you'll probably make a lot more in the long run with that sort of contract. Or something on those lines, whatever. Get back to me my direct email line is [email protected]

    P.S you will be paid after you're work is done and worth it.
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  2. PCC_Australia

    PCC_Australia New Member

    Youll probably find quickly that designers that are professional in nature will not associate themselves with other 'designers' that use profanity as a means to communicate their needs via a post.

    Also i dont know about other designers, but those serious about design are not entirely enticed with 'paid after work is done' remarks, kind of leaves it open for insecurities.

    Just a heads up.

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