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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Fireproofgfx, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Fireproofgfx

    Fireproofgfx New Member

    Any Wacom Tablet users out there??? Any advice? My wife bought an entry level Wacom Bamboo tablet. Its quite intimidating. I know everyone says you just have to get use to it but man its totally different that what you are use to using; keyboard and mouse lol.

    If you have any words of wisdom I will soak it up. Thanks!
  2. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    If u are used to drawing a lot of your concepts with paper + pen, the learning curve is not as steep.
    and once u are used to it it makes it a lot more fun to create ideas.
    I use it in conjunction with my mouse. I also use it as an xy controller through ableton live.
    Very fun...
  3. Fireproofgfx

    Fireproofgfx New Member

    oh cool man!

    I used it tonight to render 4 images and post a comment on Facebook lol and it worked great!!
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I bought one and I dont like it at all. The software is not that great and I find it hard to use. It is one of those things I bought but never ever use.
  5. n1c0_ds

    n1c0_ds New Member

    I used to have one, and I didn't really like it. It's hard to link your movements to what's on the screen, and the software is downright terrible.

    It collected a lot of dust and saw very little use.
  6. che09

    che09 New Member

    I don't think I'll ever like it. Like others said it's not convenient to use!
  7. Websynergi

    Websynergi New Member

    I have an Intuos 4 and I'm really happy with it. Its worth trying it out in Illustrator, you have to adjust the brush settings so they are not set to keep path selected. If you have the right brush you get a really consistent drawing. From there you can paste it into photoshop and do some painting, once you get a workflow you are happy with they are invaluable.
    I'd still say you can't beat paper and pencil for coming up with ideas though.
  8. abd_webdesign

    abd_webdesign New Member

    I had to MAKE myself use nothing but the Wacom for a month straight...to browse the net, to open files, etc. I wrapped my mouse and chord up and only used e Wacom. I got so used to it and then it got stolen with my laptop bag. I still miss it! :(
  9. Fireproofgfx

    Fireproofgfx New Member

    That sucks it got stolen. I feel like I need to do the same thing with mine. Lock up the mouse and strictly only use the tablet. I have had it for a year and have only used it for pen tooling/rendering images.
  10. ashleebridges16

    ashleebridges16 New Member

    the tablets are really good to draw images for flash games, or photo shop images, once you get use to the way the tablet works it is much easier than you think, it is really convenient for uni students or high graphic designers, once you've got the basics down packed its really easy and relevant to use.
  11. Wreck.one

    Wreck.one New Member

    I have the new intuous 5 medium. It's perfect for vector free handing in illustrator. I don't use it all the time, but it is wireless and has gestures (wacom specific gestures at that). the hot keys are really cool too. I suggest it.
  12. Tuxon86

    Tuxon86 New Member

    If someone is looking to get a tablet without blowing their budget, I recommend those sold by Monoprice. I've worked with Wacom and I prefer the Monoprice. For about $50 you can get a 8"x10"...
  13. RAJO

    RAJO New Member

    did you try checking out any reviews on how it works on youtube they have reviews for everything these days
  14. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I have two Trust tablets (on different machines) an A4 one for CAD work and an A5 one for graphics.

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