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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by olav the hairy, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. olav the hairy

    olav the hairy New Member

    My website is :

    I have some problems regarding the colours.

    They display fine on my professional Iiyama monitor, but on cheaper TFT monitors like the Dells at work, the colors are all over the place! They look foggy and lack punch. We paid £250 (430 USD) to give you some idea of the quality! I tried calibrating them, but they still don't play ball. Should I have picked different colous?

    I'm pulling my hair out here. Should I redesign my site and have a simple boring white backround and black text so that the cheaper TFT's can display the colous accurately?

    Any help would be welcome.
  2. Arkette

    Arkette New Member

    First of all I've looked at your site on a couple of the office tft screens as well as my graphics machine and it looks fine - stop worrying.
    Second the whole issue of colour rendering across millions of different, badly adjusted monitors will send you straight into the hands of the nice men in the white coats. The rule of thumb has to be - Design on a good quality, properly calibrated monitor, under sensible ambient lighting - and then forget about it.

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