UI Designer requested (website/non-website) to join team of five


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Why you want to work for me

- different types of projects such as
-> a browser-based game (html/css/javascript/asp.net-mvc, no flash) with some existing design - target: 12-16 year old girls (young look)
-> an actual game that needs design practically from the bottom up - target: 14-20 year olds (mostly guys I suppose, sci-fi look)
-> a website with general company information - target: all age ranges, professional look

- we DO have a budget. Don't get me wrong though, you will not get paid per hour, per page or per artwork. You join on a voluntary basis. Having said that, I think I've spent about 100 euro on my current artist (who will keep working for me)

- I, myself, am a very knowledgeable web developer. I will be doing all of the html/css. I just need sliced images. If you want to try some html/css/javascript, I'll teach you if necessary and then you can do it yourself or just help me do it :)

- You get to use cool stuff! I'm not making guestbooks here. We're talking carousels, popups, hover thingies, generated images and an a real game's main menu / submenus / in-game UI and other fancy shit!

If I'm so goddamn great, why do I need anyone else?

First of all, I'm not the god of web development. I still have much to learn in the usability department, for example. I need some one who can bring that to the table. I need some professional-looking design and some young (so not professional looking) design. I flat-out suck at designing. I do have some "skills" in photoshop but I'm basically the worst visual artist in this universe.

I do, however, know how to turn a sliced design into a website. I'm very fluent in CSS, HTML, JavaScript (with or without jQuery) and C#/Asp.net. Unless you -are- the God of web development, I'm sure we can both learn from each other!

So why don't I just have my current artist do all of that? Well she's actually a 3D artist who creates and animates 3D stuffies. She's also great at photoshop and illustrator but that's not what she wants to be doing. You will be taking over her job as UI designer (which is not something she is particularly specialized in), thus taking a load off her shoulders and help push our projects further faster!

For those interested: she is willing to teach some of her skills in 3D modeling

So what are you getting out of this

- training: I'll teach you anything I know that you wish to learn
- portfolio: You can reference anything you make for me in your portfolio
- money: I don't pay big, you work on a voluntary basis, but payments do happen.
- awesomeness: Make something awesome, feel good about yourself!
- infrastructure: You can use ours while you're in the team. We will soon have a i7/8G/2TB (to give you an idea) server arriving and a limitless internet connection is being installed.

You get to make your own decisions in the UI-field and you work together with a team of motivated people (team for over half a year now). The things you make will actually be used.

You're still reading? Good! Here's what I require of you

- be good at what you do
- you set the deadlines yourself so if nothing comes up, you get the job done
- you're willing to work mostly for free
- you can make time to discuss things (weekends are fine)
- you can work on this project for at least three weeks per month, 3 hours per week (preferrably a bit more), and this during most months of the year

All of this is actually happening over the internet. Location does not matter as long as you speak english and have a good internet connection.

So what is this "team" you speak of? D:

-me (Sam): professional web developer (though not designer). My passion is software engineering / architecture and I also enjoy working out those concepts. I work on the code of everything we make and try to keep things organized.

- Yoeri: student in IT systems (hardware/OS/networking). He comes up with new concepts and helps put together infrasturcture. He also writes most of the lore for the actual game

- Jeroen: student in IT. He is an apprentice webdeveloper who helps out with the website, but will, in time, also help program the actual game when he has more programming experience.

- Mark: graduate in IT (getting master's degree in computer science now). He does the more complicated stuff for the actual game. Things like 3D rendering, ray-tracing algorithms, AI and all that.

- Stefanie: Professional 2D/3D designer. Her focus is mostly the making of 3D models and their animations. She also does character and concept art for the actual game and did the current design for the website we have.

On the side: there are some people who are helping, but aren't really "part of the team". We have some one who will do music for us when the time comes, some one who might do non-digital concept art for us later and other people that help out a bit from time to time.

So what's with all those projects?

- Territory: an actual game that will be playable online via client/server (so not in browser) that is made using C#. The genre is RTS-ish and the setting is Sci-fi-ish. (don't worry, it's not a starcraft rip-off). This is the game requiring UI design from the bottom up

- Horse Street: a browser-based game made in html/css/javascript. This is a raise-your-own-horse simulator game. The audience is laregely 12-16 year old girls. This has been largely designed, but a lot of elements are still missing, and some will probably need to be remade or changed.

- Company website: a website where people can see who we are, what we do and why we do it. This website is 0% finished as the actual games have a higher priority, but will in the future also need a design. We will also need a company logo. We already have the name down though!

We're working on two projects at once with good reason. A browser game is much easier to launch and maintain. It also requires a lot less effort and advanced programming. This game should provide the income necessary to get serious about launching our main objective, Territory.

You're still reading?

I applaud you and wish you a cookie! You must be either interested, a lunatic or both! Either way, I like you, send me an e-mail at [email protected] or a PM.

FYI: we're very serious. We have a total budget for both games that totals about 10k in euro. So far we have spent around 3k (mostly on infrastructure). All of this money comes from my personal bank account.

If/when this turns into a company, those who are part of the team are very likely to get properly employed. This, of course, depends largely on how much money we will make!

And PS: don't post anything with rates. once again we are looking for a VOLUNTEER. Some one who will work WITHOUT getting paid just as well. Some one who will JOIN THE TEAM, who wants to be involved in making decisions.


You don't want to get involved, but you're SO bored that you decided to read up until this point anyway? Please leave a comment! Why does this not interest you?
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I don't know if this is still available, but if it is I want to participate. I need some experience and I'm sure i have what to learn from you guys.

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