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Discussion in 'Scripts' started by hante, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. hante

    hante New Member


    To begin with, I am a noob at webdesign, just so you know.

    What I want to do is that I want to use jquery to:
    1. When you click on a button a video shows in the middle of the screen linked from Youtube (this works fine).
    2. Next to this button a want to have another button which shows information in a small box when you click on it.

    How can I have both of theese things on the same page? When I add another script into the headtag, the video jquery thing stops working...

    Edit: I would like to use this ( ) for the information box.

    Thank you in advance
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  2. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jquery show/hide.
    You can have as many on the page as you want.
    If its broken, its your implementation thats wrong.
    And a tut doesnt help. A live link would...
  3. MarkR

    MarkR New Member

    If you need help post your code or a link to it, we can't help without it :)
  4. che09

    che09 New Member

    This has directly explained the idea/information you need!

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