Transferring form Homestead to new hosting

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by brianswebdesign, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. brianswebdesign

    brianswebdesign New Member

    Transferring from Homestead to new hosting

    I currently own and run two companies, my new web design company and the pet care company I have been running for a year now. The website for the pet care is with I can't seem to find any info about FTP address and the other info I need to get the domain moved over to my current hosting for my web design company (godaddy). I want to set it up as if the pet care company is simply a client of the web design company.

    I read that apparently any domains with homestead aren't really mine, that if I don't host with them and use their program I can't have my domain.

    Anyone have any input with this issue? I am hoping someone has already had to deal with this for a client and had to learn it the hard way and can help.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. web_design

    web_design New Member

    top be honest i wouldnt move to godaddy, ive had many clients who have had massive issues with them in the past (mainly with their db speeds). are good
    use and search for your domain. It will show who owns it/registered with (unless you choose the privacy option)

    is your domain a or .com? if its a and the whois shows you own it you can go to and get the ipstag transfered to your new hosting companys for £12.
  3. brianswebdesign

    brianswebdesign New Member

  4. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    I suppose if you contact your new web hosting company and ask them to help you to move all your stuff properly - they will do that for you for free and with no problem at all.
  5. Mediumcube

    Mediumcube New Member

    Your new host must help you in that.

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