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  1. RAJO

    RAJO New Member

    why is traffic so hard to increase?? i mean i tried everything but it never works why is that ??
  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    You have to build great quality content that people want, and then traffic will naturally flow.
    Looking at the first site in your signature, the whole screen is covered by an image and three huge ads. I would work on the content and try and find a better balance in the placement of ads.
  3. Adamdavid

    Adamdavid New Member

    To increase traffic is not a easy work.To increase traffic we need to work hard by doing blog posting and forum posting.And do classifieds posting.They will help you get traffic but you need to target keyword.
  4. ronaldroe

    ronaldroe Super Moderator Staff Member

    That is exactly what not to do. You may get a short-term boost from all that crap, but in the end, you'll get docked for it or worse: delisted.

    Here's what you do: make a well-coded, easy-to-crawl website. Then, put a regular stream of original, quality content. That's it. If you're looking for overnight, you're not going to get it. If you're looking for long-term, sustainable, useful traffic, just make websites that real people will want to go to. Search engines will handle the rest.
  5. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thats exactly what you have to do. none of that other rubbish works.

    and it really is THAT simple
    1. well coded, easy to crawl website
    2. regular stream of original, quality content
  6. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Exactly, provide exactly what users want and promote it to REAL people, and oddly enough, that is EXACTLY what search engine want to find as well.
  7. hoobastank68

    hoobastank68 New Member

    You can always buy traffic to start, but where you buy it from will make a big difference.
  8. khubaib

    khubaib New Member

    creating traffic is not a black magic just create quality of content and make high quality backlinks
  9. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler New Member

    Traffic is not like the high-score on a video game where you push a couple of buttons and numbers automatically generate. Think of your site like a store. Just because you build by the road, doesn't mean you'll get lots of shoppers. If you've got boxes and junk blocking the door and the aisles, how can they get in? If you have next-to-nothing on your shelves from never restocking or buying much in the first place, you probably won't have those shoppers return. And if you're selling prom dresses, don't advertise your products in a biker bar!

    So, like they said:
    - Code it right, so people and bots can navigate easily.
    - Have good content and update often.
    - Advertise appropriately.
  10. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Dennis Carnegie Jr New Member

    Basically, you can use anything to get traffic. Even increasing your alexa ranking helps with boosting your site ranking as well. The higher your ranking the better it will be in the search engines.
  11. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    No it does NOT, Alexa 'ranking' is driven ONLY by users with the Alexa toolbar installed, try it yourself. Install the Alexa toolbar set your domain name as your home page and visit your website several times a day, your sites ranking will go up (or down) and NOTHING else will happen, you will make no extra sales than usual, no extra advertising payments and NO EXTRA TRAFFIC.
  12. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Dennis Carnegie Jr New Member

    You are right about that though, people would need to install the alexa toolbar, but there is websites where you can boost your alexa ranking, and everyone that does join that site has the alexa toolbar installed, so that does help out in some ways.
  13. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Of course there are, simply because it is so easy to fake 'results'.

    But it does not help in ANY useful way.

    Fiddling with Alexa results is akin to masturbating, .... You feel better afterwards, but NOBODY ELSE notices.
  14. alexson

    alexson New Member

    You have struggled to increase your website traffic, even though you've tried many methods. You can target Business specific keyword according to their targeted location. You can add content and sure help to boost traffic on your website. Used some tips that help to boost traffic for your website as -
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    - Email Marketing or Advertise Online

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