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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by smashwebs, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. fromthe5

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    What documentation can you provide to substantiate that statement?

    I just have to clear this up. I know it's a language barrier thing but: You use only ONE strategy that you develop. What I think that your trying to convey is "components" of the strategy. Also I noticed that all the top 10 search result for "seo strategies" did not mention anchor link text. Maybe they thought that would be giving away too much information. In any case having your domain name listed as the anchor (link) text will do you little good. Use the keyword/phrase that you want to rank for as the link text. That will give you credit for that keyword/phrase for ranking purposes. Use them on your website for the internal linking structure and in every link you can get from other sites. Also remember to vary the link text on incoming links.
  2. 3dmagicaldesign

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    This last post made by Webstar should be removed, we are not promoting our services here, we are trying to give opinions to some who needs "Traffic Help"
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    3D we always do get around to deleting spam so please don't worry. Use the "report spam" button rather then replying to the thread if we didn't get to it fast enough.
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