Tiffany & Co is using the Medium of Window Display

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by aanda, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Tiffany and co is using the medium of window display to communicate its message of “no coral sales“. It has launched the campaign ‘Under the Sea’, as a reminder of harmful activities of coral harvesting and its implications on marine ecosystems.
    The window designs have a fantasy pictorial view that stresses on the need for coral conservation. Each window offers a different view through hills, valleys, waves, bubbles and coral shapes. The art was created and moulded in resin. The topography of hills and valleys is shaped by glittering sand and bathed in deep blue, pristine white, lavender or turquoise. Gossamer fabric forms waves of color and bubbles swirl around vibrant coral shapes sculpted in resin. The ocean-themed windows seek to inform the public that corals are living animals. Together with the reef systems which they help create, corals provide marine life with food and fertile grounds for reproduction.
    The retailer’s message aims to inspire the trade and the consumer that corals being living animals are being harmed. Corals co-exist with the reef systems to create, provide marine life with food and fertile grounds for reproduction. Ecosystems today are endangered as corals are being harmed by destructive fishing methods, climate change and use as decorative objects and jewelry.
    The retailer had since 2002 taken a stance to refrain from selling coral jewelry, and is chooses our Tiffany & co outlet to sell ‘sustainable style’, which imbibes designs co-existing with nature. The campaign “Under the Sea” will run through summer months and will display renowned designs of the retailer.
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    thanks for the info.. .

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