The Future of the Internet - What Is The Next Big Thing? HTML5, Dath of Blogs, etc?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by abe_charles, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. abe_charles

    abe_charles New Member

    Hey guys, I am a die-hearted user of the internet and by extension, the word wide web. First there was the net, then the web, then we had blogs, now we have YouTube and social media. People don't even have to blog or do websites but I want to know:

    1) Have blogs become more popular than regular websites or have we seen the era of blogging peak? Are blogs going to be outdone by regular web design with the emergence of html5 and php?

    2) Have social media and havens like YouTube eradicated the need to read when they can just view audiovisual content? My YouTube channels have more subscribers and visitors daily than my blogs and my Twitter and Facebook have blown up. Have social media and places like these demeaned blogs in any way? Should I give up blogging and do reviews and comments on stuff on social media like Facebook instead?

    3? Are users of the web lazier than they used to be and are sick of reading and just want to "see?" Can you get more out of videos than blogs? I know people have started to "vlog" but this is essentially YouTube videos on a blog so why blog in the first place anymore? Huffpost live do their shows online via videos where you subscribe and you just watch and read. Sure you want to be interactive but it's just videos now. Look at Duttyberry, he has transcended blogging/vlogging and is now doing acting. Do people need blogs anymore and are we just wasting our time blogging when we can just create websites or Facebook pages and use Twitter to express our views on TV shows or movies or Music? Hell, can't we just launch our own YouTube reviews and get info out plus link viewers to OneDrive or Google Drive to pics?

    4? What is the next big thing or what do you think is the next big thing? It is websites (again)? Is it social media 2.0? How will we want to consume info and video and pics online? Will the world wide web be around in ten years and have the effect it has now. I have been a blogger for six years and a web page creator for fifteen years. What's going on? What's the next big thing that will last and have the effect that WordPress or html5 or Facebook or Twitter has?

    5) I want to look ahead as i am tired of blogging. I want something new. I watch shows like Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which I blog about but I need to know if it is worth it to blog about them or do videos on YouTube, that is, if YouTube isn't declining. Twitter cant get the job done as it involves short messages and you cant tweet about movies and movies and TV shows and culture just by tweeting a review. You'll need more. How will we consume content and not just info in the next ten years or less? When is the next big thing coming or is it already here and just started emerging but not reached us yet, big time?

    6) We saw how mp3s changed the world of music and how Napster caused iTunes to eventually emerge and now we buy music online when in 1998 we were buying CDs and DVDs. Email is kinda lame now as people text or IM on the go. Plus the cloud storage is going live. We can share info and synch stuff using the cloud. I know places like here in Jamaica is going to the cloud and I know places like libraries and large businesses plus public sector areas are moving towards the cloud. How will that affect the future of the internet, the web or otherwise?
  2. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    'Blogs' ARE websites.

    And what "effect" has HTML5 made??

    it's simply an extension of HTML 4.01. If anything HTML3.2 is the version that made most impact and all in all;

    It's just evolution. Most of the time it just trundles along ... .... but occasionally, there is a sudden "spurt".

    And it is the "I'm bored, so entertain me" generation that will decide on the "next big thing"
  3. Frank

    Frank New Member

    If the past developments are a predicament of future developments, and they usually are, then we are heading towards browsers being much more capable of with much less coding needed. Especially Javascript libraries will become as good as fully obsolete, in some 10 years time at the most, I would estimate.

    But that only concerns the client side of the story. The server side will improve as well, in terms of possibilities and simplicity of code, but that does by far not go as fast as the client-side developments.
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  4. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    MongoDB, ....

    You have to wonder about the sanity of some people.

  5. lawless

    lawless New Member

    Sadly, watching the previous developement, simple websites will become very rare in the near future. When I started with web developement merely 15 years ago, i had no clue what i was doing. I started off with a simple HTML page, black and red colors, some links - and that's about it. Most of the other websites (except the professional ones) kinda looked like mine.

    I kept to it and my human curiosity set in. HTML wasn't enough anymore, so i added PHP, which was so much of an awesome feeling - to be able to create dynamic websites. I did stick to web developement (more learning than deploying) for a few years, when there was a change in the very fabric of the internet. It got fast.

    So fast, that I could not hold up with the speed of developement. Communities and smaller websites died, youtube and other professional social websites kicked in, google went all crazy about delivering all the answers. Yes, google provided a big portion of faith - and the end of smaller communities that were dedicated to learning and developement. Instead of answering people's questions, nearly all of the users's answers contained a link to google. That was about the end for new developers.

    We shifted in an era of lazy users, using google, facebook, youtube, wikipedia and all the other big sites for instant, satisfying information. When in the past we had to ask other people or (dear god) open an book, we now find any answer is less then half an hour - for free without interaction with other human beings.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the google search engine. It's the other stuff that complimented this shift of virtual revolution towards dumb, arrogant and lazy internet users.

    You get your information from google, youtube and wikipedia. You get your social affection from youtube, 4chan, pinterest. You get your entertainment from itunes, amazon or if you can't afford it - some pirate site.

    What else is there to do? Why bother to learn how to create websites from scratch? It's really all about the "what does get the most traffic for my google adsense income". That you can accomplish with prewritten software like Drupal, Wordpress and other uncountable scripts which made it in the entertainment zone.

    There will be another shift in the internet's very fabric. Websites will look and feel like desktop applications. You will be able to use websites as applications to manipulate local files. There will be SuperHD movies available soon. The smaller communities will faint, the big communities catch even more users and claim all the land that will be left. Politics will be driven toward internet licenses so that only bigger companies may afford to hold websites. All this will happen in the next 20 years.

    If you compare the developement of the internet with the developement of automobiles, where most people do not even know anymore how to change a bulb (or can't because special tools are necessary), the 'mainstream' internet will become one horrifying future. Then again, watching the new generations grow, the offline-world will not be that much better off.

    What to do? Well, for my part I will continue with PHP, adding another (desktop) language - and most of all: combat my own entertainment addiction. Watching the boards in most of the developement communities, most of my fellow human beings struggle with the same problems.

    I sincerely hope that somehow people will wake up again and see what's really important. That's human curiosity, human face to face interaction and the urge to thrive. Some things we should never ever forget.
  6. lionel.web

    lionel.web Member

    i believe html5 and css3 are the near future.
    HTML5 gives us a lot of capabilities to use.

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