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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by faris, May 22, 2005.

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  1. faris

    faris New Member

    Hi i recently removed frames from my site and replaced them with the use of cells, the thing is i liked how i could redirect links into the center frame is there any way to do this with cells, this way i can keep the top layout of the page with the navigation links? thanks for your input.
  2. StephanieCordray

    StephanieCordray New Member

    Not exactly sure what you are asking here. If you are asking if you can load a linked webpage into a table cell, then the answer is no.

    If you're really attached to your site doing that sort of thing, stick with frames. Otherwise look at alternative ways of linking your pages.

    I don't understand why you can't keep the top layout with or without frames. Frames really don't have a lot to do with layout insofar as how a page looks because you can achieve the same look with tables and cells.
  3. hopeundfaith

    hopeundfaith New Member

    I'm not sure what you mean either, but there is the possiblity of putting an iframe into a table cell, thats how i layout my websites e.g.

    <iframe src="main.html" name="whatever"></iframe>

    Then you create the file to go inside the iframe individually and link it e.g <a href="main">A link that opens the page in the iframe</a>
  4. NeXus

    NeXus New Member

    Use php

    Luckily, I know what you mean (I think :p ).

    You want to get rid of frames but you don't want to have to copy the top of the page and navigation links into every page? Keep your content separate from your layout?

    What I do is have a template with navigation, title, logo at the top. Then I make lots of text files containing only the html that changes across pages, usually just the main content in the middle of the page. Then use php or other server-side scripting to include the content into the template. You can probably download a script to do this.

    The main advantage over frames is that search engine spiders can navigate your site easier, apparantly. Coz when they get a hold of it your script has joined it all together and they just get the one page, same as the web browsers get.

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