supplemental income to help my business?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs and Advertising Space' started by bullzeyedesign, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. bullzeyedesign

    bullzeyedesign New Member

    Hi Guys,
    I've been doing freelance work for years now, and I'm to the point where I'm thinking about leaving my full-time job to focus on my graphic design company as a primary source of income. I'm not ready quite yet... because I am struggling with that "security blanket" of having enough income coming in monthly to keep the business a-float when I'm having a difficult month.

    I had a few ideas and I'm wondering if anyone else is in a similar position or has tried something that works. I think that being a reseller of website hosting (possibly through would be a good way to add a service to my company and also gain that MONTHLY income that I need to feel secure. I also have a lot of ecommerce experience and thought about opening an online store and drop-shipping the items (almost like a reseller again). That way I wouldn't need warehouse space or the hassle of shipping the orders, but it would possibly help out the money situation.

    What else can I do? Affiliate marketing?
  2. suz

    suz New Member

    Affiliate marketing can be very slow to get started but once you are getting visitors and they are converting it is a pretty good hassle free side income.

    There's always the option of having a content site/blog with Adsense.

    Also sponsored blog posts are pretty big at the moment. I started a blog just 2 months ago and it has already attracted 4-5 sponsor requests.

    Another idea is selling templates at sitepoint:

    These are just some ideas from my experience. Thee must be lots more out there.

    Get Rich Slowly writes about his experience of going from being employed to self employed, you can search his blog at
  3. jman51

    jman51 New Member

    Write for Associated Content. Easy money paid out through paypal
  4. stacytaylora

    stacytaylora New Member


    Are you familiar with running and maintaining websites?
  5. KThomas

    KThomas New Member

    Differentiate Yourself for Profits

    As a web/graphic designer, being unique and offering new creative services that businesses can really use in today's tough economy is key to getting new business.

    As a web designer I am constantly looking for innovative ways to differentiate me from the competition other than my great customer service. :)

    I ran across this information on using digital publishing with a twist to open new service offerings at

    Let me know if someone else is doing this.

  6. mithu143

    mithu143 New Member

    Definitely you can try out affiliate marketing combined with PPC campaign. Also open a Niche Blog, although it will need effort and time but you will surely stand to gain in the long run. Find all relevant info on affiliate marketing and blogging at my blog. :)

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