SEO vs. website traffic

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by Modern_Media, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Modern_Media

    Modern_Media New Member

  2. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    web traffic is better than SEO.. but it's still best to have optimized both..
  3. AnalizaT

    AnalizaT New Member

    In order to get top 1 ranking in Google then you should now start doing some link building techniques such as blog commenting and forum posting which are also good in getting quality backlinks.
  4. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    Getting traffic will help your SEO so they are related.
  5. arsaif

    arsaif New Member

    SEO increase traffic proportionally.
  6. eonic

    eonic New Member

    Yes but many forums and blogs only have no follow links meaning they aren't counted. You can check this in firebug.
  7. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    focussed marketing brings traffic and sales. you need to start thinking outside the internet bubble, and use other mediums as well.

    SEO brings traffic but not sales

    adwords wastes your money
  8. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    comparitively speaking SEO is not cheaper and requires more time and constant development. and it may bring more traffic over a sustained period, but again this does not always correlate to sales.

    over the years I have done plenty of SEO for websites, but have of the past few years gone off it completely because it seems like a whole lot of work for very little return. If my client is gung-ho about it, then I pass it on to an SEO expert in my area. and yes the traffic goes up - substantially - and stays at a higher rate, but the sales do not go up in the same ratio.

    when I have done marketing campaigns, email send outs, print and brochure, as well as TV and radio advertisements (which all can be done cheap and relatively quick) I have noticed spikes in the traffic, but more importantly higher spikes in sales. For me and my clients, this is the best approach, and with clear concise and relevant content and semantically marked up HTML, the sites generally bump up the rankings on their own right.

    you can push a website as much as you want with SEO, but unless you are selling something that is unique, you just get lost in the masses, no matter whether you are #1 or number #135, and people are picky you know. they judge on first appearance. so whilst I agree that (for some) SEO is their world and (apparently) its the only thing that needs to be done, but the amount of sites that have great SEO but fail miserably in all other aspects, coding, design, uniqueness, are in all honesty just vacuous holes in the web.

    If I see another of those stock images of crap people smiling in suits and shaking hands, or looking up and pointing seriously at something in the sky, next to a big corporate building which clearly isn't the company the website is about, I'll throw my monitor out the window!

    and whilst its all good and well to write for computers (which is all SEO is, a big fake BS rort which just fit the criteria of search engine algorithms) I prefer to write for PEOPLE. and people are not stupid, and they can see that you've keyword crammed your website, and you come across as a wanker. and no one wants to buy from a wanker...
  9. hazelnice

    hazelnice New Member

    Web traffic is what SEO promise to their client.
  10. che09

    che09 New Member

    I agree,it is not the most important thing but, it is essential as well. Though,it does take time to be on top!
  11. MattBrennan

    MattBrennan New Member

    They are not an either or. SEO is a great way to increase your web site traffic. If you improve your site's SEO, the result is a higher ranking in the search engines, and more visibility. Provided that your site is of good quality, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of increased traffic.
  12. kohncreative

    kohncreative New Member

    I agree with Matt. If your site is useful, getting noticed quicker by implementing SEO can only help increase revenue. If your site has nothing to offer potential clients, you can be #1 all day long and not see an increase in $$.
  13. CruedWEB

    CruedWEB New Member

    SEO a way to web traffic

    Those two cannot compete for they have both related to each other. In order to have traffic in your website, good SEO strategies are needed.
  14. mrandrei

    mrandrei New Member

    This is true. I think the operative word here is quality, targeted traffic which is a difficult endeavor. It's the kind of traffic that can generate better conversions/sales.
  15. grandestkind

    grandestkind New Member

    SEO can drastically increase a website's traffic, IF, you've applied the right keyword selection. Also, it's very important to look into the keywords' monthly searches, making keyword research the most critical part in doing SEO.
  16. Modern_Media

    Modern_Media New Member

    Nice keyword stuffing!!
  17. MarkR

    MarkR New Member

    Being first on Google is not everything, I find that sometimes I can better invest my time using social networks to drive traffic rather than trying to get a No1 spot on Google
  18. jaywebdev

    jaywebdev New Member

    I believe sometimes of the content/offer services you have. Once a visitor recognized your site is not helpful to them they recognized your site and never come back again. Just like what happened to one of my handle website.
  19. bermuda

    bermuda New Member

    Building traffic for websites should be actually the center of attention because steps taken like building links for websites, taking part in internet marketing campaigns and spending cash on PPC projects including Google AdWords are all done to ensure everyday a lot of visits are made to the pages of websites, improving their status over the net and if they are to get monetized, having better chances to succeed but which solutions are doing better than the others and what are the reasons?

    When having enough money in pockets, you can actually totally forget about entering the world of SEO because searching the net, you can find weblogs and portals which are related to your web subject and naturally, if your links or ads appear on the spots, you will experience traffic boosts and improved net visibility. Even local advertising options, using commercials on TV and Radio can help generating sales and profits in the long term, ensuring that great outcomes could be achieved.
  20. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member


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