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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by bugs10552, May 16, 2011.

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  1. bugs10552

    bugs10552 New Member

    I am definitely not an SEO expert, but I am reading a lot about it. through all my searching online, I have frequently come across different programs that are quite expensive that claim to make managing SEO a lot easier.

    I have tried some of these programs using trial versions, and they do seem to keep things organized especially when dealing with client account and branded reports and stuff. I also have come across a lot of free tools that seem to do a lot of what these paid tools do.

    My question I guess is: Do any of use use software like Web CEO or SEO Power Suite, and what are your thoughts on programs like these? Are they Worth it or should I save my money?

  2. JackRT

    JackRT New Member

    As you said, there is a lot of free tools out there that do the same things the paid tools do...

    I did pay for one tool and that's it... I use free tools for the rest of my needs.
  3. Quasha

    Quasha New Member

    My experience says you should save your money. Do a research through google to find every tool's reputation before using.
  4. joncro55

    joncro55 New Member


    I work in a strange niche market, manufacturing wire mesh, so our SEO cannot really be done through tools.

    If you reference our website however, you will see that through hard work, if you were searching for wire cloth or wire mesh, you will see us near the top.

    I am looking for ways to get over the hump and into the top 3 in the google rankings, do you guys have any ideas of how this can be done in such an industrial - focused type of nicke business?
  5. Laikido

    Laikido New Member

    Agree with JackRT :)
    There are a lot of really cool free tools, like Google AdWords, etc. But if you provide SEO services free tools and trial versions might not be enough, cause you have so many websites to take care of... And, the faster you work, the more money you make, right? :D Not to mention client reports..
    I would say, just find one good comprehensive SEO tool that's good at reporting and you are all set. I've used different tools over the years, have tried both Web Ceo and Seo Powersuite, they're are good tools. And I've been using Powersuite for rankings reports for quite a while now ;)
  6. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    there is a lot of scammers out there in regards to SEO.. it may seem that you are paying a fairly reasonable price but in reality it won't really help you.. so, basically, if you're in healthcare website design or webdesign companies of the sort or an SEO company, better save up your money..
  7. merry12

    merry12 New Member

    There is now a RSS feed for the SEO tools page and a XML to XHTML conversation page with a supporting CSS file which formats the RSS feed so it can be displayed formated.
  8. jonpeter001

    jonpeter001 New Member

    digiXMAS consists of three windows-based SEO tools - article submitter, directory submitter, and page-rank checker:

    The Article Submitter allows the user to semi-automatically submit articles to hundreds of free article directories. There is automated account registration and a category selection algorithim that guarantees that articles are submitted to the most appropriate category. Users can have up to ten concurrent connections to lessen the submission time and there is automatic rotation of unlimited titles, summaries, resources, and keywords. There is a randomization feature that generates multiple articles from one master article and records are automatically accumulated for submissions status, submission date, errors that occurred, and the categories that were selected. The program supports multiple articles in one account as well as multiple user accounts.
  9. glambiz

    glambiz New Member

    web ceo is one big muddle - a bunch individual tools that could easily be combined ... i was literally overwhelmed with what tool does what. they were slow and sort of difficult to understand.

    seo powersuite professional is cheaper - 249 US vs 499 US for web ceo professional suite. both tools charge for search engine updates so beware - this is not a one time purchase. i do like seo powersuite better and easier to understand but get informed on paid updates before buying.
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