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Discussion in 'Programming' started by lsmww, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. lsmww

    lsmww New Member

    Is it possible to run an exe file on a you have to do anything.?

    how would this be possible..??
  2. stuluk28

    stuluk28 New Member

    Hey, although I'm now expert at programming I'm pretty sure this is neither possible nor a good idea. What were you after?

    For starters I think internet explorer or any other good browser would notice and stop the .exe from running. But I have a feeling that only scripting languages designed specifically for the web will work eg, PHP, ASP,, Perl, JavaScript, ActionScript etc!

    .exe is usually a program that needs to be run, and usually must be run from the persons own computer, which means that they'd have to download it, and NO-ONE would download a random .exe from a website they were visiting!

    Hope this helps a bit?
  3. thrive

    thrive New Member

    Many servers such as IIS (Microsoft) will not only allow you to run an exe online, but they also won't allow you to download one either. You have to zip exe files if you want them downloadable. This is in their latest security service pack. You can built a Java App if you want to execute some function online.
  4. Nullified

    Nullified New Member

    No it is not possible to run an executable application within any web server. The is a huge security risk and any server administrator that would develop a script allowing such applications to run on their own server is a retard. BTW, not calling you a retard for asking this; it was directed at a server admin that would configure for allowing such content to potentially destroy their server.

    If you are looking to develop some sort of executable code to run on your website (for execution on visitor's computer) you should look into activeX, however most all web browsers default this to disabled due to the security risk involved.

    If you are looking to execute an application to run on the server that hosts the script you will need root access to the server.
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  5. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    Xbap. It's the browser equivalent of an exe. Google it.

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