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Discussion in 'Offers' started by DamienDarwick, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. DamienDarwick

    DamienDarwick New Member

    33 Webmaster & Computer Forums

    A new web design + computer geek forum site has opened up. Come check us out!

    Things we offer:

    1. Free Membership
    2. A personal portfolio page you can customize with text & images.
    3. A place to post your free skins. styles & tempaltes for any design or web script such as vbulletin, SMF, Joomla, IPB, Wordpress, MKPortal, etc.
    4. A place you can post your free mods, hacks & scripts for those same scripts or ones you have coded yourself.
    5. A place to submit your own web design & computer related articles
    6. A place you can post your web design or computer classifieds looking to hire, or hire ads.
    7. A place to chat with other geeks & gurus.

    This site is a friendly webmaster & computer site designed to help designers, computer people & clients find each other in a safe environment.
  2. DamienDarwick

    DamienDarwick New Member

    Just curious but why was this moved from the reviews when I asked for a review of the site to this area?

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