redesign of my website


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The site looks pretty nice overall, good job. I did notice that the site blends right into the background as you scroll down. Have you thought about either adding a border to the main div "wrap"? or making the gradient colors two shades of grey instead of grey to white?

Also in the lower half of the home page you have three sections named Application, Knowledge, News. The small text on the right side of each link it very hard faint making it hard to read. I would consider darkening.


I like the site overall, I do feel that there is to much going on at one time.

You have a few different navigations, multiple moving elements, lots of different places for images, and tons of text. I would try to narrow it done to the most important elements and remove some of the text and replace it with key paragraphs that outline your services better then a full page.

Also, I feel that your phone number gets lost in the header and can be really hard to find.

But overall, I like the color choices and most of the layout.


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i agree the homepage is too crowded. Its just i wanted to make sure we get all information for clients on homepage. Any idea how can we improve this?


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The site looks good. But, the scrollbar (INDUSTRY NEWS) in the right bottom page looks somewhat conjusted with the browser scrollbar. Also the logos at bottom looks somewhat dull... But the overall feel is very good.