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I'm currently reviewing the design of my website. Although I had received many positive reactions on the old (=current) design, several also indicated it (mainly the reception page) to be boring, not much-going-on, dark and too minimal.

The new 'to be' design is not fix and still in progress, but it already gives an idea about what I have in mind...

_ a drop down submenu will be added to the main navigation
_ footer is just an empty space for the time being
_ content/links are just indicative / may not work properly
_ only reception page coded at this moment

Could you please review and give your opinion about it? Thanks already for your feedback! ;)

> what do you think about the new design?
> does the website / background fit nicely to your screen?
> slow / heavy ?


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The new one's a big step forward. The first one my first thought was "TV signal lost".. then I spend ages pondering what the heck could be behind those coloured panels. Decidedly, I could not be bothered clicking to find out.

The new version is at least visually interesting enough that I was drawn to your videos.

That being said; I'd make the videos larger and the key focus. Gameplay videos are the most interesting content whereas "NEWS" will only interest a smaller niche of visitors who will undoubtedly know where to look after the initial discovery anyway.

Top menu looks good. My only beef is the fade transition is too slow and half way through it looks like the link text disappeared because the two coloured intersect (half way through the fade). This made me think the link was disappearing the first time I hovered on one!

You should really make a game website responsive to cater for your mobile viewers. Maybe rebuild it using an easy framework i.e. or if you can be bothered, implement your own responsiveness.

Footer obviously needs content but you already recognized that.

Your server is very slow by the way.



thanks for you input.

Top menu looks good. My only beef is the fade transition is too slow
indeed, I turned up a bit the speed of the transition

I'd make the videos larger and the key focus.
good point

Your server is very slow by the way.
I don't know about this? Could this be temporary? Could it be due to the size of the website or is this rather something technical?

I don't know to what extend these tests are accurate or even mean something, but I did a little check on a website speed test website, and I think the result isn't that bad after all?

_ load time 2.5 sec max
_ website faster than 60% of the all tested website (pingdom)


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Menu speed: better, but halve the time and it will be perfect.

Server speed: I take it back. must have had a bad moment with our internet. Just ran a test and its a really good speed :)


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The new version looks great. Normally i always watch out when i use a dark photo as a background, with a dark menu. Just because i get distracted fast.. but it looks way better then the old version.


I'm not sure the gaps in between the segments work well with the background image. If you scroll right to the bottom of the page you'll see what I mean. The layout looks broken - even though we both know it's not. I'd consider doing something with that background image, you never get the opportunity to see all of it anyway. Maybe fade it out a bit or remove it altogether (it would save you a little filesize!). You have enough exciting graphical stuff on the page too, the background could be better toned down somewhat.



thanks for you feedback. Could you check now how de site looks? I replaced the gaps with dividerlines.

I checked my website on a iMac, and (without having the intention to be/sound cocky), it looked very cool, with the image fx, the backgrounds, ... much more cooler and slick than how it looks on my laptop (windows). And the loading of the pages was also very fast.

Encountered an issue(s):
> apparently the (fancybox) videos do not open on an ipad??? Could anyone check? I don't have an ipad/iMac, checked it in a store. I don't if the problem was due to my website or due to the internet connection at the store?
> having some difficulties nicely centering everthing ... what does seem off (centre) to you???

When I do the iPad check online (, everything seems to be working fine. But how accurate are these online simulations?

Thanks for your comments ;-)
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