Rare offer.. Advertise on Snerdey.com

Discussion in 'Offers' started by Snerdey, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Snerdey

    Snerdey New Member

    Yep, read the details on our page. I've been asked for years since 2004 to let people advertise on our site in the top fold.

    It will be in the header so lots of exposure.


    Good luck only 3 left.
  2. superaff

    superaff New Member

    Is there an ad space available still? Would love to place an ad for my free ebook. Thanks! :)
  3. Snerdey

    Snerdey New Member

    Actually, shortly after I placed this on the forum we made some changes. Yes, there are ad spots. They are actually going to be in the top header of each page.

    There will be 4 total 125 x 125 ( 1 is taken already ) we have not really pushed this idea as we're testing the ad services too. Kinda like what we found :)

    Should be ready this week as we have to focus on client sites. PM me if your interested as I'd rather have all four slots sold and ad copy ready so it's not showing "advertise here"

    I have not even posted this offer in my main forums I also visit, just testing the waters per say. If your selling templates don't bother. I've turned down a few already. Need to be related somewhat.

    There will be more spots as well, less pricey too.

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