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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by dcyuri7, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. dcyuri7

    dcyuri7 New Member

    Hi all, my first post here..

    Basically, I was curious if anyone knows of a good software app (Irrespective of price, that is) that can assist web designers with project management? Something geared towards programming preferably...?

    I have a website design, layout, & features all in my head as a "picture" or a "flow of pictures", in so many words. And I need a way to translate this massive project (Ironically, the project I'm making is a Project Management System for my job) into workable sections... and busting out a pencil and paper just won't do the trick(Inneficient, unorganized, unmanageable!, etc).

    For instance... I'd like a way to draw arrows(like drag and drop) between ideas(sections of code/design), and then be able to open that object (eg. button click on a cloud icon or something of the sort..) and have, for example, a photoshop render or atleast a button linking to it, so that I can literally lay the page out into a heirarchy of elements.

    It's a heavily two sided thing. There's the page layout, and the code behind it. Both of which must be integrated with each other, to allow for a "Frontend" (literally the project management system) and a "Backend"(admin page - adjust template,add/remove "components", etc).
    I mean alternatively I could start with something basic and expand out - but I would then be unable to maximize portability, and possibly even lose sight of the original features planned for the whole thing. Just need a way to draw it out, in a manageable way... That way it can be tackled in portions (and so I can have a couple coworkers, who are less knowledgeable in site design, help out on it ;) )

    I would really hate to have to create a Project Management program, just to make my Project Management System. hah, you know what I mean?
    So if anyone has any suggestions on this, I'd really appreciate the info. Google searches seem to be bringing back nothing but crud. Thanks in advance.

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  2. mediacontour

    mediacontour New Member

    While the Project Management System that we use is not as visual as the one you are describing, it has helped us greatly in managing our various web design projects with sections for employees, tasks, clients, invoices. Intervals is an online Project Management application that allows you to plan your projects, assign tasks, and monitor the entire process in a very intuitive way. Visit http://www.myintervals.com/ to learn more.

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