Policy on web updates for new clients?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by The_Dsigner, May 29, 2015.

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  1. The_Dsigner

    The_Dsigner New Member

    To my fellow web designers:

    What are your policies on updates to new clients and their website? After I build a site and get the o.k from the client that its pretty much done and approved I usually give them a week to make or add any minor changes before I start changing.

    What does everyone else do? and what fees do you charge usually?
  2. Edge

    Edge Member

    Sort of on the subject of what happens after the website goes live. I think it's important to set some key objectives for a client account based on their sector and business model. Give it a timetable and think about what needs to be done to develop the client account and improve their online presence. The maintenance, SEO, PPPC, Social media, content strategy etc all fall in to that. So what I'm saying is think of more than just an 'updates policy' - think of a strategy to develop their business online.
  3. Robert-B

    Robert-B Member

    I think you have to have a clear goal from the start that the client knows that updates are not free and require a payment. I usually charge by the hour and depending on what the client requires I give them a time frame and cost.
  4. webstudent123

    webstudent123 New Member

    I also charge a few bucks a month but also have them initial a part of my contract, before ever doing any work for them, stating that (wordpress) plugins and such may not always be compatible with updates and this may cause an inexpensive routine update to become an expensive, work intensive fix. I do state I will inform them of the issue and estimate cost for the fix prior to getting right at it along with a temporary fix if they cant afford the proper fix in most cases. I have had this happen twice, once before I had this policy and once since.
  5. web based codin

    web based codin New Member

    I tell them I am willing to quote any new and ongoing work. However since you are an established client now, I give you a discount rate

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