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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by Manganix, May 5, 2015.

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  1. Manganix

    Manganix Member


    the ongoing redesign is taking shape.
    Could you please browse through the the pages (that are already online) and tell me:
    - what do you think of it?
    - what could be better?
    - responsiveness OK? (320-480)?
    - what is missing and/or what is too much?
    - ideas, suggestions...

    Thanks already for your feedback!

  2. lionel.web

    lionel.web Member

    Its nice!
    I like your big images.
    I like your "dark" design.
    But, about is not responsive!!!!

    You should decrease the images size while the width of the browser decreases.
    Or you should put it all, down of each other.

    Need to be fixed, to be full responsive!
  3. Manganix

    Manganix Member

    thanks for your feedback!

    It isn't fully responsive yet, but it should be between the resolutions 320px-480px. I tried to code it for these values, and it works responsively...

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  4. krymson

    krymson Member

    My take:

    - The color scheme is ok, I would remove the rounded corners off of the hover/selected nav items (just my opinion)

    - I love the font choices, import the fonts into the stylesheet, not in the <head> section of your website, it will cause site speed issues.

    - Place the Google Analytics code in the scripts section you have at the bottom of the site. You want as little going on in the head as possible script and style wise.

    - For SEO you atlease need a Meta description

    - Make something more relevant for your title tag... if i was looking at google I wouldnt know what your site was about, I could assume it's a foreign site that's going to be in a language that I don't understand.

    - The code, both css and html is very clean, good job.
  5. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Not really, search engines don't actually use the meta description content for anything in particular, they MIGHT use it as the text snippet but it is more likely that they won't.
  6. tk-hassan

    tk-hassan New Member

    images are very heavy, reduce their size
    also the font of slider text is very basic change it to some fonts that you are already using on other parts

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