Please review my site


Hello to all members!

I just made a site with professional catering equipment and services.
It includes a lot of products/equipment, all categorized.

The web site is

Tell me your opinion please.
Thanks in advance.


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the site isn't bad. covers most bases quite well.

<html lang="en"> - yet it's in greek, so you might want to modify that.
I've noticed in the past you've offered both en and gr versions of your sites, is this something you intend to implement down the line or no?

Having done sites in the past for catering equipment I realise it's not the most exciting product to sell, but your design is non intrusive and understated like it should be for such products. Also the brand logo's down the bottom of the home page look tidy and nice. I like what you've done there.


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Hello. The first thing that impressed me was the really good mobile version of the website. I can't understand the text, but it looks simple and easy to use website. I don't think you need to change anything here. Everything looks fine :)


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Well designed site with nice navigation and site loading speed is good. Look more attractive if you add more social media profiles other than only facebook.