Please review my new site

Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by cyclone22, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. cyclone22

    cyclone22 New Member

    2 is a forum giving free medical advice from qualified doctors.Please review my site
  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I would maybe consider some medical related images in the blank area at the top right hand side.
  3. tanicos

    tanicos New Member

    the header color, the columns color, the background color cannot be the same gradient!!!
    XHTML and CSS failed validation
    MEdical pictures in the header are a must..i designed a website for a medical school
    if you need any pictures or more graphics let me know
  4. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    the validation issues might be a problem with smf itself, in which case it would be out of his control. but i really don't know for sure, as i have never used smf forums.

    i do think the site feels a bit to bland though. like the others suggested, it could use some nicely place graphics and possibly some tweaking as to the color choices.
  5. sdenverjean

    sdenverjean New Member

    Hello!.I suggest that your bgcolor should have the same gradient.. it would be appropriate also to place graphics in the blank areas...
  6. kayla

    kayla New Member

    Wait is this an actual site? To me it looks like one of those "placeholder" sites... like when you accidentally type in the wrong URL and some random site comes up. It might also be the "The domain is for sale..." at the top that's throwing me off...
  7. mrandrei

    mrandrei New Member

    Haha! The site is no longer live. Looks like the page is just a parked domain.
  8. irrra

    irrra New Member

    In my opinion, not very user-friendly menu.

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