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Discussion in 'Scripts' started by cooper.derek, May 23, 2005.

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  1. cooper.derek

    cooper.derek New Member

    Im making a page for ordering so when you click the order now link it opens a window and so you can order products and other stuff. But what am I doing wrong? First off, when you click the link it makes the pop up with the order page but it also makes the main window go to the order page. also I need the link to be plain white and I have the code as FFFFFF but its not working.. Thanks.. here are my codes..

    ^^ I think this code is fine^^

    ^^ I think this is the code that needs fixed.. Thanks^^
  2. cooper.derek

    cooper.derek New Member

    also it has a > next to ORDER NOW the link and if I delete it, it takes the ORDER NOW link away also.. Thanks
  3. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    the main browser window is going to the order page, because you are telling it too. lol. also, you have an extra pointy bracket thingy in their. try changing the second portion of code to...
    <td align="center"><b><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial" size="+2"><span style="font-size:24">
    <a href="#" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'ORDER','450','600','yes','cen ter');return false" onfocus="this.blur()">
    ORDER NOW</a></span></font></b></td>
    the part that is really confusing me is that you are declaring the font style twice. :shrug: that's probably why the browser us having trouble displaying the link in the proper color.

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