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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by tonne2244, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. tonne2244

    tonne2244 New Member

    This is my new site please give me advice on graphics content and how everything works. I know theres not much on there yet but it is just the basics so far. Thank you.
  2. zkiller

    zkiller Super Moderator Staff Member

    being that it is a more of business site, i would suggest dropping the abundance of google ads. they give it a very unprofessional image.

    as fas as the design goes i really like it from the graphic aspect, but from a layout aspect i find the borders around the content areas much to ruff and edgy. it doesn't flow with the rest of the graphics.

    load time wasn't to bad, but i am on cable. i can see it taking a good while on dial up.
  3. Artoonie

    Artoonie New Member

    I don't really like the boxy cut-outs around the frame.

    the navigation should be spaced out a little more, the left edge is touching the outside image and the right edge of "graphic design" comes really close to the text.

    overall, it's pretty appealing.
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I agree about the google ads on an ecommerce site, though I shouldnt talk as I use them on some of my ecommerce sites as sometimes they bring in more money than the services the site sells.
    As to the site, it does look quite good, but I dont think it would be the type that would convert to web design clients. Most people that would pay for a design are corporate type clients that are making money, and I dont think that design would appeal to them.

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