Photoshop tutorial in grange style

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Nastya Manno, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Nastya Manno

    Nastya Manno New Member

    Photoshop tutorial in grange style. I offer your attention an interesting lesson in PhotoShop - grunge style stamp. The lesson is written in Russian. But I think the pictures and the key commands let you will understand how it is done. Enjoy! :)

    Photoshop tutorial in grange style. Stamp
  2. web67

    web67 New Member

    lol, i cant understand!
    the idea displayed is nice, but how is it done? any translation?
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  3. Nastya Manno

    Nastya Manno New Member

    okey! I will translate and put it here :)
  4. Nastya Manno

    Nastya Manno New Member

    Here is a translation into English.

    1. We need any industrial-style photography to do this lesson. Open the picture in Photoshop. The menu find Image - Adjustments - Threshold and move the slider left. The further move, the less detail on the image remains.

    2. Open a new document with a white background. Add a new layer, in which large type print the word "Permit!"

    3. Again, add a new layer and with the help of a rectangular selection (Rectangular Marquee) and fills (Paint Bucket) draw a frame.

    4. Now turn off the background layer and combine layers with the text and the frame in one: Layer - Merge Visible. Then go to Edit menu, we find there Transform item, it Rotate item and turn the frame with the text of a counter-clockwise direction.

    5. To our stamp does not look too fresh, we apply a filter to the Clouds. To do this, set the palette advance two colors #75367E and # 795B98. Then choose the Magic Wand tool and click on any text of the letter. Then go to the menu Select and click in the Similar item. As a result, will be highlighted and frame and the text. They use Filter: Filter - Render - Clouds.

    6. Now back to our photos. Using the Magic Wand, select any photographs of a dark part. Then go to the menu: Select and select the point where Similar. All dark parts will be allocated. Copy allotted - Ctrl + C, turn to the file stamped and insert an allotted on a new layer - Ctrl + V

    7. Press the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button on the layer with a copy of the allocation. Will run "ants". Now do the active layer stamped, and then press the Delete key. This stamp will disappear with the pieces in places where it was selected over them. Turn off top layer with the remaining allocation. Remove selected by pressing Ctrl + D. That's all!

    8. If you wish, you can make this picture brush and then apply in different grunge compositions. It is simple. Go to Edit menu and choose the item Define Brush Preset. In the window that appears, give the name of the brush. That's all! Choose any colour, size, and apply where you want to.

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