Photoshop, or Paint.NET?


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I'm completely new to graphic design; I'm looking to create impressive skins for forum software using CSS and Paint.NET. Should I steer clear of that, and pay for Photoshop instead? Is there any significant difference?


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Paint.NET is pretty good. I used it for a while. I like it way better than GIMP. In fact, I can't stand GIMP.

Photoshop is definitely better. Fireworks is better still, but Paint.NET is really good and perfectly adequate for just starting out.


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Photoshop is a Digital Photo Editor (bitmap/raster editor) not truly a graphic design tool, and "creating impressive skins" needs far more than knowing what tool is the "best to use".

You need the creative ability and artistic skills first and be able to start with a sketch.


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But to be perfectly honest, there's no competition between Paint.NET and Photoshop. Infact, if it's purely website design you want to use the software for, give Fireworks a try.


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both photoshop & are great. but I personally like Paint.Net
because lots of tools in it & easy to use.


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without a doubt PHOTOSHOP is the best choice its a little expensive but go with that its a much better choice trust me


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Photoshop is way too advanced than It’s one the best and popular graphic designing software’s and you mustn’t have got this doubt on choosing which one.


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I cannot believe this question is actually asked this often. Assuming you're intending to use either of these pieces of software for website design (after all, we're on a web design forum) then there would be no doubt about it that Photoshop would suit your requirements better.

However, that does not mean to say Photoshop is the superior web designer's tool. There are many Adobe products such as Illustrator or InDesign that will suffice. Even more so Adobe Fireworks, considering it was crafted for that purpose. Though Fireworks may be limited, combining features from the Adobe Creative Suite would be a pretty powerful weapon.

If you're on a Mac (doubt it, wasn't aware you could get Paint.NET on one, but anyhow) then you should probably also take a look at Pixelmator. It's pretty - and performs better than Paint.NET, that's for sure!

If you are strictly limited to Windows though, I am yet to see software that can fulfill my needs as much as Adobe CS.