Photoshop and Logo Design Question

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by labSLAB, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. labSLAB

    labSLAB New Member

    I am following a tutorial for a logo design in photoshop but the tutorial was made on a PC version of photoshop (I have mac version) I know that ctrl=command on a mac but when I try to follow what this tutorial says I'm not getting the exact results. Here is the part I'm stuck on:

    "Try to represent now the text in a more evident form. In this case we should hold Ctrl button when making a mouse click on the text's layer on the layers' panel:

    Next mark out the layer containing the logotype's basis, make a mouse click on the bottom part of the layers' panel on Add a Mask option and press this combination of buttons – Ctrl+I. We'll see the Adobe inscription cut on the logotype's basis."

    I'm using command+I (in my keyboard shortcuts it says this is the invert option) when I do this it gets rid of the original mask and only creates an outline of the text I am working with.

    In the tutorial it shows that only an outline is suppose to be cut out though. Mine is the opposite.

    Does anyone know what to do so that the mask only cuts out the outline, not the whole wording?

  2. conor

    conor New Member

    as far as i know - and i could be wrong, some shortcuts that are done on windows are not possible on mac. You'll just have to do it manually... also check that you'r using the same version that is stated in the tutorial.

    dunno if thats much help!
  3. suz

    suz New Member

    Couldn't you just do Select -> Inverse?
  4. anthony.alaan

    anthony.alaan New Member

    Do you think that you could select the outline of the text, inverse the selection, and then do the layer mask? Would that work?
  5. RAJO

    RAJO New Member

    do some search for photoshop tutorial made on a mac version . there is a lot out there it can help you do the work you need . if you give a link for the pc one may be i can find mac one in my computer

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