Pen tool in adobe photoshop

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by carreyjane, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. carreyjane

    carreyjane New Member

    How to use the pen tool to cut images, i am searching for a best tutorials of it, please provide a useful tuts on it... thanks
  2. Fireproofgfx

    Fireproofgfx New Member

    it's actually fairly simple. Hit P to use Pen Tool - Make sure it is set to Paths not Shape Layer which the icons are found below FILE - EDIT - LAYER - SELECT across the top. Then start clicking all around the object you want cut out until you meet back to beginning which will end your path. Then right click on the image and select make selection The image will now have marching ants. Then hit SHIFT CTRL I to invert the ants and Delete and the background will be deleted.

    I hope this helps, I thought I made a tutorial for this but I guess I didn't.
  3. erikyardly

    erikyardly New Member

    Actually I tried this but I failed somewhere. I will try again. Thanks for sharing this information.
  4. deezo

    deezo New Member

    Crap I thought I made a tutorial on the pen tool, I was gonna list it here but I havent made one yet it seems! One is on the way :) but what fireproof said up there is pretty much it! Check out youtube for tutorials as well!
  5. mydesenyo

    mydesenyo New Member

  6. Diversus

    Diversus New Member

    I find it really difficult to use the pen tool.

    Try this tutorial

    Tip:Once you have draw shape with the pen tool, if you select them with the arrow so that they are blue, you can then use the Paintbrush tool to draw over them and nudge them into shape.

    Hope this helps

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