[PAID] Web Design + Logo Design


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First let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas, and I am a freelance web developer. I program mainly in ASP.NET/C#, but I also do Windows Programming in mainly C# as well. I pick up website jobs, not many since I don't advertise, and every time I run into one issue: I suck at web designing.

The job I have now IS paid, based on the quote you give me. The company does Marine Industrial work. His main focus, though, is selling winches.

This is the current website:

He needs a logo design, possibly a BUSINESS card designed, and a web design. You do NOT have to do ANY of the programming. I am doing all the XHTML/CSS coding. The website will be a eCommerce website when it is done.

There isn't a official budget set, but I'm looking for someone who does freelance work, not a company. There will be other possible jobs if I like your work!

My Work - The designer received $100 for this design (only listing one, server is being updated atm)
http://ecgc.sidraweb.net (this will load slow, it's hosted on my own personal server on my own house)

You can contact me via e-mail or by responding - you must have a portfolio, with your work logo+webdesigns. In your e-mail include a estimated price.

I require you to do the work first obviously - but I ask that you water mark your images until you're paid. I pay via PAYPAL. I also need the PSD when work is DONE and PAID.

Thomas Mack At Gmail Dot Com

Thank you!