Paid Gig: Need Basic Progamming and Touch Up

Discussion in 'Requests' started by pawn3d, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. pawn3d

    pawn3d New Member

    I need my HTML cleaned up and some basic programming. Here's the site:

    It's 1 page deep and this is what I need done:

    1. The left menu box is that of an iPhone. Right now, it's open, but I want it closed until a user clicks on it. I've been messing with the code, but to no avail. I also need the side rails of the iphone to tile. The graphics are on the server.

    2. Basic code cleanup and validation. I need this mess cleaned up but don't touch my keyboards or meta data. I'm the number 1 result for apple new orleans and I plan to keep it that way. If you can convert these tables to CSS, that's cool too.

    PM with your fee request- I can pay you through PayPal. Or call the number in my signature.
  2. consultingpalac

    consultingpalac Banned

    Has your requirement been taken care of or is it still open?

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