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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by ehostingcomplete, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. ehostingcomplete

    ehostingcomplete New Member

    Hiya guys, I have 2 websites and wanting your opinions on my design. I particularly want to know how fast is takes to load including all images, how it each one could be improved, and problems you see.
    I want a general review of them.

    #Site 1
    www.eHostingComplete.com, sells web hosting, websites ect.

    #Site 2
    www.PPProgram.com, I have programmed this in ASP.NET VB VS.NET recently. Its not launched yet but would like to change any defects and solve problems before launch. (Dont want opinions on demo site set up).

    Thanks alot. Please state which site you are commenting on when replying. :)
  2. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    PPP is a template so there's no point commenting whereas eHC is too slow on a dialup, besides the colours are too tedious for the eyes - better stick to the blue monster instead!
  3. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    Site 1
    Something looks seriously wrong with the web hosting website, the text overlaps the images, and it looks out of place. I think it would look better if you just used one font, the font used for "Welcome to eHostingComplete.com - e Web Hosting" does not look very high tech.

    Site 2
    Looks quite professional, though I would question having site sponsors which are irrelevant taking such a prominant place on the homepage.

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