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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Speedy, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Speedy

    Speedy New Member

    Hi Designers,

    Here is a link to my one page I need help with to bring out the right glossy graphic colors to us on the format of this one page to blend in with that image you see in the website header.

    1) I need help with a glossy color graphic image to be place in the main background of this one page.

    2) I need help with another glossy color graphic image to be place in the cell under the website header to be place behind the links.

    3) As you can see the website header needs to be finished up too.

    4) Also an idea of what color the boarder lines should be to go with the two colors to three colors we bring out in that image. Along with the main title text colors and text links colors.

    I have SOME skills in designing a website with my front page 2003 program. Here is a link to a website I put together for our community that will give you an idea setup what I am looking for with this new team website.

    The format of this new team website is setup the same as this community website, but I need the right graphic color images to bring out that image I will be using on the header of the new team website.

    I hope you all will be kind on the price to help me out; due to I do not need any content help, links, other pages, emails, hosting service and placing the graphics.

    The name I need to bring out on the website header next to that image is "Online Affiliate Team". I have a slogen for now, but I might ask you to change it later for me.

    Slogen: Affiliates teaming up to offer the same product together to make an income online together.

    If I can not get anyone to help me with this, then I am up for you guys to point me to a website template I can buy that will go great with that image you see inthe header.

    I tried to look for a template for it online and I am not having any luck. Maybe you guys might be aware of some other website template to choose from. It seems like most websites has the same templates like template monstor has. I already went through all those.

    I hope to hear from some one soon to get this going.

    Thank you,
    Tony Johnson
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  2. Speedy

    Speedy New Member

    I have a designer company that just got back with me about this and they are working on it now. If I like the work and price then I will post on here that I am all set.

    Just keep me in mind for now.

    Thank you,

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