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Ok so I don't know anything about web hosting or websites really. I made a website with, and I copied the page source removing the ads they integrate in the script on a notepad document. I purchased a domain and "hatchling" hosting package with hostgator. now, how do i put up the website?

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You have to point your DNS

All you would need to do is point the Domain Name Server from where you purchased the domain name. There should be a bunch of videos on youtube with a step to step instruction. If you still cant figure it out after that fill out my contact form with this link in the description and i will take a look for you. My website is

Hope this helped at all
First, you would need to change the DNS on your domain name to point to your hosting provider, you would need the nameservers from your host. Propogation of the domain takes from 24-72 hours. Then you would need to ftp into your account, and go into the public_html folder. This is where you would upload the files you need for your site. A great ftp client I use is filezilla, it is free to use. Any questions or issues, please feel free to ask me.