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Discussion in 'Requests' started by frizzlefashions, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. frizzlefashions

    frizzlefashions New Member

    One of my websites right now is

    I would like to design something that maybe could use this domain name piggy backed, but with the emphasis on embroidery and embroidery digitizing. Right now it is hard to make sales in embroidery, because my site is more towards childrens clothing etc... I would like to make a site that is geared toward just embroidery such as with more up to beat style. Most embroidery sites are boring and I would like to have something that catches the attention of the buyer.

    I would like to tag team this if anyone is interested. I am looking at using dreamweaver, fireworks, etc etc with any other compatible programs.

    I am a computer science major, but fly helicopters, therefore I would say that I have lost a lot of the information needed to complete a design. I have some ideas in mind and would like to also back the index site up to a shopping cart software.

    Thanks for your help if anyone is interested.
  2. Dima

    Dima New Member

    Hi, I did not quite understand if it is a paid job.
  3. socreative

    socreative New Member

    so what's your proposal?
  4. frizzlefashions

    frizzlefashions New Member

    Web site design

    What I am looking for is someone who is willing to work with me using dreamweaver mx or whatever means they would like in coming up with a website that I can use for my store, and you could use for your portfolio. Monetary allowances could be part of the deal, but I am looking for someone who really wants to work on a project to add to their portfolio as well as experience. I need a storefront with a professional looking site. I would like to incorporate a blog section as well as featured items etc.

  5. Mexichinksunite

    Mexichinksunite New Member

    Perhaps I can help with that.

    Contact me if interested.
    [email protected]
  6. Marcus Cyganiak

    Marcus Cyganiak New Member

    I have been web and graphic designing for six years now. You can PM me if you still need assistance.
  7. balinindia

    balinindia New Member

    Hi This is Raja Sekar from india A Freelance Web Designer & Developer

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