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  1. BioSpherical

    BioSpherical New Member

    The next big thing online - and you can have a slice of the pie for yourself!

    I only want this website to go to a serious person.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out this type of website is a sound business investment. If advertised right this type of website could make you $3,000 to $10,000 Month! So you see that this type of website will make the new owner alot of money.
    Up for auction - A website setup for you, using CountryOnSale V1.1. Example site:

    This includes the script, installation, logo design for your new site, domain registration and 1 year's hosting.

    The Idea
    What is it? A new concept which could be classed as a spin-off from pixel advertising. But we believe its much more than that. Not only is it more comprehensive, it opens up a whole new world (excuse the pun!) of online advertising.

    To find out how much money you will make from this excellent website simply go and have a look at how much the Pixel Land is going for, example of land price: To Buy the USA it would cost the Advertiser $7,450.00 and you would make $7,450.00 from the sale of land.

    And say you sold RUSSIA it would cost the Advertiser $9,150.00 and you would make $9,150.00 from the sale of land.

    So you see there is alot of money to be made from this EXCELLENT Website!

    It offers new marketing appeal to webmasters,

    Don't understand? Go See For Your Self... (example site).

    The Website

    The website contains loads of features, to both attract advertisers and make your job easy!

    * Complete online administration, from which you can:
    * Change site configurations
    * Upload a new logo
    * Change the prices of individual countries
    * Add and edit news
    * Add and edit customer testimonials
    * Add meta-tags
    * View advertisers details
    * All at the click of your mouse!

    And your advertisers:

    * Advertiser's admin area, from which they can:
    * Add a description of their site
    * Upload a picture
    * Input/change their website details

    Basically all the above means is you can control the site easily, without any knowledge of working with websites, and advertiser's can change and add their website details without bothering you. So you don't have to fuss around changing HTML or anything - all you have to do is collect the money in your PayPal account and enjoy it! Simple.

    Screenshots of the Admin panel:


    This website is 99.9% Automated so you don't have to do much, except for advertising of cause.

    Q. I know nothing about computers or programming, will I still be able to run this website?
    Answer: Yes - you do not need to have any special knowledge to run and maintain the website, just a willingness to learn and ask me for help now and again.

    Q. How much profit will I make?
    Answer: This will totally depend on how you promote your website, but with that in mind you have to chance to become very wealthy indeed.

    Q. Are there any hidden charges?
    Answer: No, apart from domain costs and the cost of renewing hosting after 1 year.

    Q. How much time and effort will I need to put into the business?
    Answer: I would suggest about 2 to 4 hours per week. It would be worth your while to consider how to promote your site and perhaps spend an additional hour per week doing that.

    Q. What support and help can I expect?
    Answer: I offer free unlimited email support with this business.

    Q. What payment methods do you accept ?
    Answer: I only accept payments through PayPal.

    Q. I have a question that's not listed here, can i ask you?
    Answer: Yes, of course. Just PM me.

    HOW MUCH? Special reduced price of just $149 per website.

    PM me to order.

    Visit to order the script on its own.
  2. yoshi8

    yoshi8 New Member

    Wow $149 per website and i could make $10,000 from it!!

    I will take 100 and will soon be a millionaire!!!! YAY i am rich!!!

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