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There has been a lot of extremely low quality posting on this forum from people whose sole purpose appears to spam their site.
In order to improve the quality of this site, I will be working on improving the spam protection measures. I have also added the following new rules to the forum, some may appear harsh, but when you read every new thread on the forum, you get to see patterns emerge.

1. No posting using proxy IP addresses will be allowed. Those posts and members will be deleted. Discretion will be used of course, no legitimate members will be banned.
2. I get a lot of people joining, and just saying hi, i am new to the forum, and contribute absolutely nothing else to the forum. They are clearly here to spam their signature. Then I get 10+ posts from people saying welcome.
Members with over 10 posts can introduce themselves in the official introduction thread here. Members are not allowed to continue posting welcome in that thread to boost their post count and get more exposure for their site via signature. If you want to ask a new member a question or add a valued comment, that is ok, but no welcome to the forum comments are allowed there.
3. No comments saying "thanks for the information" or "thanks for sharing" will be allowed. Members doing that will be banned. If somebody helps you out with a problem, and you thank them, that is fine for the member with the problem to thank the person helping them. I am referring to somebody posting some tip on search engine optimisation, and having to read 30 posts of people saying great information, thanks for sharing, again they are just useless posts and will be considered spam.

These measures are to improve the quality of the forum, and ensure the integrity of the leaderboard, as that will eventually be used as the future basis for a raffle for prizes.

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Hey Ian,

I want to suggest a rule that a user can not start more than "x" threads in a certain amount of time. I think that will help the spamming problem a little bit.


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A suggestion that I have that goes well with your new forum rules is to delete everything that seems like spam. No one is attracted to a forum full of ads. They need useful information. Also, all the threads should be in appropriate sections and not duplicated.

I can help moderate this site if you need the help, Ian.


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Have strict measures on the signature part - thats where people get tempted and post junk and meaningless content. So it would be great that you want to have members acheive the signature rather than being here for only the signature. This is such a wonderful forum with a good exposure.

In addition - Admin, i see many times the WDF has "Forbidden page" error messages. are you aware of this one or missed it out..



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new additional rule.

if you have a signature say something like "seo for your business"
and you ask a totally stupid question , say something like "whats seo?"

you'll be banned ASAP. harsh but fair.

additionally anyone who drags up an old post for the purpose of link dropping will also be banned
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