Need some help with a lightbox script

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by BigDaddy, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. BigDaddy

    BigDaddy New Member

    I am fairly new to website design (I am a computer tech by day) but a longtime client of mine has asked that I build them a website. I told them they ought to look elsewhere, but they insisted and we came to an amicable arrangement that gets them a website and me some experience.

    The site is up and they are happy, with one exception. There is a lightbox gallery on one of the pages. You will see the four thumbnail images on the page, and each thumbnail brings up an identical lightbox gallery. The images for the gallery are automatically selected from the page itself. So on that page you will see, each gallery consists of the 4 thumbnail images already on the page.

    What I would like to have happen is that each gallery has its own images, not the same as the other 3. So thumbnail 1 would pull up a gallery with image10, image11, image12, and image13. Thumbnail 2 would pull up a gallery with image20, image21, image22, and image23. And so on for the other two galleries. I know how to do this if I wanted to have ALL the images shown on the page before you opened a gallery, but I only want 4 images on the page, and 16 images in the gallery.

    It looks like there is a piece of script in the site that automatically creates the lightbox gallery from any thumbnails on the pages that are tagged "prettyPhoto." But, to be honest, when I looked at that script, I curled up into a fetal position and wept openly for about 3 days.

    I have attached what I believe to be the relevant script pages, but I could be entirely wrong. One of the scripts was too large to attache, so I broke it up into two parts.

    View attachment script.js.txt

    View attachment jquery.prettyPhoto.jsPART1.txt

    View attachment jquery.prettyPhoto.jsPART2.txt

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
  2. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    Looks like it's working how you want; did you solve the problem?

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