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Discussion in 'Requests' started by RMOguy, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. RMOguy

    RMOguy New Member

    Hi, new member here.
    I am looking for something rather simple. We have a website currently that I designed a few years ago and I am not too thrilled with it's current state. I am looking for someone that can do a makeover in a timely manner. I have some new logo files and a few other changes such as color scheme that need to be implemented, but mostly I would like to change it to something that is a bit more clean looking and professional. I also have a few other requests, like having some numbers automatically update and such. I am looking for a webdesigner who has some artistic sense and can possibly educate me on what other changes I should make if any. I am also looking for a new hosting company if anyone would like to recommend one. I haven't used the current site much for advertising, but I think it is becoming more relevant now. I would also like to possibly add a few more domains. The current site is

    ps we may be changing things significantly in the future so repeat business is likely as well as referals.

    pps budget is up in the air, if it significantly improves business then I am willing to pay approprietly. I guess I am open to anything.


  2. StephanieCordray

    StephanieCordray New Member

  3. roman.designer

    roman.designer New Member

  4. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones New Member


    i read your forum also i visited your website. you should have to update your website immediately. Its really very simple in design and work done.. you change your background colour to attractive one. make your template more creative, should be different compared with your competitors and attractive. make your home page should be eye catching one. also go for online advertising to promote your website, to give more website traffic and to increase your business.
  5. JS_Custom_Webs

    JS_Custom_Webs New Member

    Hi please visit my website
  6. e-webtemplates

    e-webtemplates New Member

    you can use free website templates to design your website. Check my site for free templates.
  7. vanni

    vanni New Member

    try (is a dutch company but topservice and by contact they can speak english - paypal is possible on request!)
    The most things i use is their hosting, but they do nice designjobs also!
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  8. mysiteonweb

    mysiteonweb New Member

    6 is a full-service internet development company focused on small business website design services.Please contact us at [email protected]
  9. craighamnett

    craighamnett New Member


    This request has been completed, resulting in 100% satisfaction from my client.

    His Testimonial
    Craig has designed a wonderful site for us that exceeds our expectations. I originally tried to build our site myself but came to the conclusion that it just wasn't going to have that professional feel.

    When I heard from Craig he was prompt in telling me just what the site needed and how he would implement it. He worked quickly to build the site and he even went so far as changing it on his own accord when it didn't meet his satisfaction.

    He rapidly made any changes we asked for and in the end I feel we have a stellar site as well as a good relationship with a responsible and capable web designer. I am thoroughly satisfied!

    -Robert Mills

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