Need help getting my site live on the net with Apache thru Vonage router

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by rjapzdesigns, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. rjapzdesigns

    rjapzdesigns New Member

    Hello my friends, Im new to Apache. Does anyone here use Apache server with Vonage router. Im a little confused and stuck on trying to get my site live for the internet for the past 5 days now. I can see my site from the browser at localhost and localhost/index.html.

    So Im assuming everything is working good so far, I configured the httpd.conf file and PHP5 to work together,sense Im only hosting my online resume and portfolio, I html/css hand coded. My original isp is verizon "DSL westell modem", but recently my parents got Vonage "vdv22-vd" so they could set up home phone for international calling. I don't get my internet through Vonage, but through Verizon. Vonage router is hooked into the westell modem, then vonage to my computer. So now I can't access the westell configuration menu, only vonage menu with ip -

    So I had no choice but to portforward vonage to :80, it sucks. The port is open, I ran a port checker and status says port :80 open. My server ip "im assuming static ip" is -, and default gateway "im assuming is the vonage router ip" is - , do I use one of these ip's for something. Not sure, maybe in apache httpd.conf or host file something.

    I signed up with freedns and got a subdomain name, nothing fancy "". I also have the freedns update software installed and running too, don't know much how to use the update, i guess it updates Ips or something, so I just keep it on. All this is running on another pc/server, not my regular pc. I have a feeling im overlooking or missing a few things, where do I go from here, going crazy with this, how do I get my site live guys, and link my freedns "" to my home server
  2. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    You will have to forward port 80 on the device that connects to the Internet to your internal IP on that device

    Also; It is a technical and physical impossibility to have two ISPs providing internet connectivity on a single connection so I have to assume that the Vonage device is a cable modem, (I'm in the UK so have no idea what the US providers do) and your Verizon device is a DSL router/modem that connects to a telephone line. If that is the case then you are paying for a Verizon connection that you are not using at all.

    More information will get you a better answer at this stage.
  3. rjapzdesigns

    rjapzdesigns New Member

    Thanx Chrishirst, I got it working, like you said to routers, but my mother needs vonage for long distance calling. And we keep verizon for internet and for vonage to work, Vonage works only thru DSL. It don' make sense at all that vonage works only thru internet, and not have internet service of their own. So I tool the cable thats connected to vonage to my pc, and connected it directly to verizon westell modem like it was before vonage. That was the problem the whole time. Thanx friend.

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