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Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by springchicken, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. springchicken

    springchicken New Member

    I am VERY new to web design and am currently helping a local business re-design their website. I am not sure about many things, but to start off mostly it is about how to actually change the content from what they have to what I built.
    It is difficult to ask for what information I need from them as they are not sure and I am not sure exactly what we need.

    Am I going to have to get a different domain and host etc. or how do I change the content to the new design and what information do I need to do this?

    Also any tips about this project in general are appreciated.

    The technical parts I know so far are that the current site is hosted by HostDime and we think the domain was from GoDaddy but not sure, not sure even if this is important info or not?
  2. Peachhunter12

    Peachhunter12 New Member

    Well to start off you will need all of your site content saved on your computer... Then you would need to most likely FTP the new website to the domain that they have now assuming the company wants to stick with their current domain. But before this you would have to transfer the domain to your HOST. You will have to have their domain transferred to a new HOST unless you have Godaddy's or Hostdime's log in info from the initial designer. Hope that helps.
  3. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    there's ftp, right..? you should know about this..
  4. stach14

    stach14 New Member

    I would recommend seeing what info you can get from the previous designer or what the company has for info. Do they know the current location login info? registrar info? If not can they get it or did previous designer disappear and take it with him. If thats the case you will most likely need to start from scratch. At that point you can select the host and help your client choose a new domain name. Just depends on what you have to start with. ftp login, ftp password, ftp host... if you can get that it makes things much easier for you to continue with current host or just get the files and move to the host of your choice.
  5. XeHSean

    XeHSean New Member

    I would recommend using a program like adobe dreamweaver, this will help you out a lot
  6. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    FileZilla is a free FTP you can use. Notepad++ is a good code editor. But if you are new you may want to go with adobe dreamweaver.
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  7. New Member

    FileZilla is all right.
    You may use it with no problems.
  8. Mug

    Mug New Member

    A few places to start....

    Go to and go through all of the examples. Then after you have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS, download the current company website files and save them to your computer (you will need a ftp details to do this). Now take a look at the code. You don't need to spend lots of money on Dreamweaver as there are many free alternatives. A quick Google search will bring up a few examples. Just have a bit of fun and change some of the code. View the code in a browser to see what has happened. If it doesn't look right then undo your changes and carry on.

    When I first started with web design/development I would look at the source code (right click within a browser and select view source) of as many websites as possible. If I noticed a website with a different design I would be intrigued to find out how they did it.

    Basically just explore.

    All the best,

  9. forhad2anty

    forhad2anty New Member

    thank u so much..........
  10. cpios

    cpios New Member

    I have used FileZilla, it works good.
  11. New Member

    Adobe dreamweaveris good for beginners.

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