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Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by tkowebworks, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. tkowebworks

    tkowebworks New Member


    I would like to move one of my clients site to a hopefully better hosting company.

    Will it affect their current website if I create a subdomain for them for now for this site on this new hosting, while their site is still on the main domain on the other hosting.
    Can I just rename the sub domain to the main domain?

    So i have at xyz hosting
    Creating new site on at 123 hosting
    Once I am finished with the new site on the sub is it easy to move that to and just cancel the old hosting?

    Thanks as always for your help or opinions :)
  2. stach14

    stach14 New Member

    Yes you can do things this way. It is kind of like adding extra steps though. It would be simple to just signup for the new hosting account, upload everything and get new hosting site ready to go live, then update DNS. People will go to old site until they get the update and then start going to new site. No downtime and 48 hours later you can cancel the old hosting.

    Keep in mind if you go this sub directory route and use wordpress, it is very tricky and a pain to convert back to a standalone website.
  3. Plusplushosting

    Plusplushosting New Member

    Go for a medium sizes company and I guarantee they will provide more personal help and be more willing to assist you in your needs.
  4. cpios

    cpios New Member

    A small company can be good for you too.

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