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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by sepy, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. sepy

    sepy New Member

    Hi i am building a website using, dreamweaver, flash,swish, a combination of these. And i really want a forum on the website, so people can leave message and comments and speak to eachother.
    How hard is it, and how do i go about doing it?

    if its really hard, would a simple message boared be easier and how would i go about doing that?

    thanks alot

  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    There are some really good free forum software options out there, is probably one of the most popular free options and it is fairly easy to install and get running.
  3. Butnotyet

    Butnotyet New Member

    phpBB has a simple, user-friendly interface, a helpful FAQ and a generous administrator control panel.
    You can choose the databases server (MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC), the functionalities (at first I was a little discouraged by the mods installation process but I found great support on the online community and the documentation they provide answered all my questions) the skins... Everything is customizable so you can create the forum you wish.

    If you haven't got much time, and want to see what the new phpbb3 can offer, just try it out on this host : create forum

    Hope this can help!
  4. Paul

    Paul New Member

    If you're feeling daring and want to challenge yourself, try creating a simple PHP forum or perhaps a simple guest book, it will allow you to interrogate the theme of your web site into a user input page. Of course, there are many free message boards out there, they just require a lot of patience to code a personalised theme for.
  5. Ross1234

    Ross1234 New Member

    nooo! Dont use phpbb. It is littered by spam, and easily hackable. Get smf, it is secure, and much better coded.
  6. 3dmagicaldesign

    3dmagicaldesign New Member

    I have used phpbb and I have to say that it is very nice, I like it. It is very easy to install, just download it and enable the database function on your hosting
  7. Francisck

    Francisck New Member

    what host do you use?
  8. cohen

    cohen New Member

    Dreamweaver has some good templates

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