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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by mcbosky, May 12, 2005.

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  1. mcbosky

    mcbosky New Member

    pls I'm new to webdesigning and I want to know more about working with emails. How is it possible for one like me to build and handle a site with email accounts. how those this get to work out. pls i need that help very urgent
  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    It is not clear as to what you really want to do or achieve. There are plenty of things one can do with emails.
  3. mcbosky

    mcbosky New Member

    pls I'm talking about seting up a form in my website where people will register and be a member so that when they login with their details they can check their box or even the page created for them
  4. beekeeper

    beekeeper New Member

    wow, I'd say maybe pay someone to do it. I mean just because I own a hammer doesn't qualify me to build someones home.
  5. keen2learn

    keen2learn New Member

    hey, i've also spent the last few weeks slowly trying to find out what i can about forms. (i'm trying to create an online questionnaire).

    building the form isnt that difficult, but you'll need some kind of scripting on your serving to tell it what to do once someone has input data. PHP, CGI-bin, ASP, ASP-NET. they're all different ways of doing things, although im only a beginner and couldn't figure out ASP, so im gonna try PHP. It looks fine but my webhost has decided to break-down today so i've got no way of checking.

    search through the scripts forum on this site, or google search for web-forms, or PHP scripting, or other keywords you'll find heapsa stuff. also check out,! Plenty o...kes a bit of time to find the stuff you need!

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