Make A Website Look Like This?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by v8web, Feb 22, 2018.

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  1. v8web

    v8web New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to make a webpage that resembles the design of this website:

    Does anyone have an idea how this can be done? Any templates in particular?
  2. Carly Swinson

    Carly Swinson New Member

    Best way to do is to get help from a professional web designer or developer to redesign your website. There is a website named revglue which is offering to re design your website with a team of highly trained professionals. Here you can find more about what they are offering in affiliate website design revglue(.)com/bespoke . Which is an extraordinary place to begin, and to discover bolster all through your picked pursuit.Again, you're doing awesome so far.So relying upon your experience, you may ponder where to begin learning web improvement. On the off chance that you've basically been Googling near, you may feel only a slight bit overpowered by every one of the dialects, structures, and learning assets out there.Well, don't stress. You're not the only one. Google can be your closest companion or your most exceedingly bad foe. It just relies upon how you utilize it.One of the principal things I suggest doing when beginning learning web development is to settle on an unmistakable ultimate objective, and remember it.
  3. Daniel Dixon

    Daniel Dixon New Member

    Are you offering a trending or do you just like the design?

    If it's the latter then you need to get a trending account and use the same template that they do.
  4. HostCrypto

    HostCrypto New Member

    Should do more research about templates related to the website.
    And find out exactly and start working on it.

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