Looking for web-designer to re-design guitar lessons website.

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Evan, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Evan

    Evan New Member

    Hey there, my name is Evan and I founded a website called Code Shred Lessons because I wanted to continue my passion for teaching guitar lessons by spreading quality video guitar-lessons to the world at no charge. Of course, I hope to make money in the future from the website, but for now I have been investing my time and money for nothing in return to get the website grounded. You can visit the current website here:


    The next step for my website is to use the feedback gained from the design of the first one, as well as find someone with some experience in web-design, to produce a more user-friendly and professional looking web-site. (Websites like this do become popular by the way, see http://www.justinguitar.com/ for a good example of this, although I don't believe they have such a great web-design in my opinion.)

    So please contact me if you have the following:

    -An interest in seeing a project like this happen.
    - Believes they can make a user-friendly and professional web-site.
    - Is willing to work for just the exposure that your name on the web-site will bring, as well as a guaranteed spot for an easy and profitable job, if the website does make money in the future. (When I spent time utilizing free advertising, the website had about 50-70 visits per day, and an average visit length of around 3 minutes. The average time today is still near the same, although the visits have decreased. Of course we will see more of an increase when the new web-site is advertised.)

    Please contact me through facebook or e-mail me at [email protected] with your
    -Past experience in web-design
    -Links to any previous works/designs
    -And of course any fun facts about yourself and your interests.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,
  2. superdave

    superdave New Member

    I sent you a email. Some of your code is missing closing tags!
  3. conor

    conor New Member

    I am not interested in the project but just thought that I would mention that, in Ireland anyway, it is illegal to ask for a persons age when they are applying for a job. This law is in place to stop ageism.
  4. mohn

    mohn New Member

    I can redesign you a guitar lessons website please send me a PM for further discussion.......
  5. platoon

    platoon New Member

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