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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Prometheus, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. Prometheus

    Prometheus New Member

    I'm an IT consultant and lately I've had clients expressing their interest in having a website designed. I'm looking for someone I can subcontract the work to. Most of the sites would be simple 3-5 pages though I've occasionally had clients need more. I'm not looking for someone to do one or two sites, I'm looking for someone I can trust to partner with to whom I can direct all inquiries I get for web design. Because my reputation with my clients will be affected by the quality (or lack thereof) of your work/service I will need to be able to contact you by phone to verify that we are a good fit for each other.

    My biggest requirement is that when you communicate with my clients you will do so as a member of my business. I will provide you with an email address to use, and when you speak with them on the phone it should be as if you were part of my organization. I realize this is an unusual request but it is my intent that, from my clients' point of view, I am able to provide for all of their IT needs. In exchange, if I'm able to find the right match I will begin actively advertising my web design services to current and future clients, all of which will be sent to you. I would prefer someone familiar with a CMS package (Drupal, Joomla, etc) so my clients would be able to make minor changes themselves, but it's not mandatory. For instance, I currently have a client interested in getting a site up, and he'd like to be able to easily change the 'Specials' information on the front page.

    In order to avoid any communication issues between you and my clients I'm currently only interested in web designers in the U.S.

    If this sounds doable to anyone please respond with a little bit about yourself, a few links to sites you've done, a general idea of your rates and contact info and I'll get back to you.

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  2. Mexichinksunite

    Mexichinksunite New Member

    Hi, my name is Isaac Farley I'm 18 years old. I've been designing web sites for two and a half years on a college and high school level both for personal and personal use.

    I don't really have any general rates seeing as I'm just starting, and every project is unique. However I can provide your clients with quality web designs. But for a basic website like the ones your talking about, we can work out something cheap yet enough for both of us :)

    My first commercial website made for an actual organization is Revival In our Town Youth Ministries, I'm friends with some of the members of the youth group and agreed to do the site pro bono for protfilo use. This site is still under construction due to the fact that the leader still haven't given me the information I need to complete several pages but you can still check out what I do have done here.

    NOTE***The gallery page is also given us problems but I've been too busy to fix it, it's most likely a server error.

    Boycott Iron Man was a joke site I made for my friend when the Iron Man movie came out. Being the nerd I am, I couldn't help myself. But I still think that the images text and template I used really presented a great aesthetic style. Check it out here.

    The Stephen King site was the first web site I ever made it was my final for Business Web Page design when I was in the 11th grade. This site is simple in design, and layout, the content is basic (also stolen from wikipedia), and when I copied it to the web some of the images were lost, but I use it to show people the great improvements I've made in my designs. Click here to view

    Hilbert's hotel paradox was the topic for my final in web design the second time through. This page speaks for itself I feel. Here.

    And my best design work was done for MexiChinks Unite. Which is another joke between me and a friend. See I'm of Hispanic descent, however my eyes don't open all they way like the guy that played Harry in "Third Rock from the sun". Due to this fact people think I'm Asian, and when I actually did meet someone of Hispanic and Asian descent we started saying that 'our people' needed more respect in the world. Shortly after my very elaborate joke came through. M-CU was originally a joke but I did a mega redesign on it for my final in the college web design class (Can I also add that I passed the course with the highest grade on all the tests, assignments and basically everything *wink wink*).
    You can see the original design here in a video scree cap.

    Sadly my domain name Mexichinksunite.com expired and I've yet been able to renew it, but I did upload the redesigned site: here just for you to see a few minuets before writing this.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope we can work together.
    You can contact me at [email protected] or by the PM function on this site.

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