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Discussion in 'Requests' started by ccironny, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. ccironny

    ccironny New Member

    So, here's the skinny.

    A few friends and I are film students looking for a website that we can upload our films to. Sure you can say "oh do youtube". But youtube has such an amateurish feel to it, and we were hoping to start a small but robust community around the films that we make for the other students that we work with.

    So we want a site that is fully dynamic, coded in PHP or what have you. We want to be able to "post" videos similar to what you can do on youtube. And have something like a library of everything we've submitted. Possibly have a "latest entry" spot on the front. That sort of thing. Also would like users to make comments on the videos.

    On top of that, we wanted to start a forum for others. We wanted to also try to create a community that wants to share creative imagination with each other.

    As far as budget goes, that's really TBD. I'm curious to how much something like this would run.

    As far as the look and feel, I suppose those are just details to be worked out. There is no set idea of what we want it to look like, we just have the basics down.

    Any and all inquiries are appreciated :)
  2. v2Media

    v2Media Member

    The biggest challenge is how to have funds pay for ongoing hosting. Video files will chew a lot of bandwidth and if you go with an unlimited bandwidth/disk space hosting package, you're inevitable stuck on a sh!tty shared server.

    So before you look for a designer, I'd look for a patron or a source of funding for decent hosting. If the funds are possible, then the site is possible. If not, you're wasting your time and the time spent by others on the design and development.
  3. socreative

    socreative New Member

    I'd say $5K +
  4. BradT81

    BradT81 New Member

  5. Jackster

    Jackster New Member

    I can make you something better than YouTube and give you Hosting with unlimited bandwitdh and 150GB Space for £45 a month...

    PM me or > [email protected]
  6. evocrim

    evocrim New Member

    This is the solution I have found for others wanting to feature their films on their own webpages: don't host them yourself, just embed them in the webdesigns.

    Upload your webvideos to youtube (or myspace or wherever) then use their SHARE EMBED codes to place the videos in your webdesigns.

    There will be a DOG ( a digital onscreen graphic saying youtube ) but this is a small price to pay for someone else handling the headache.
  7. Jackster

    Jackster New Member

    PMed you...
  8. lizard

    lizard New Member

    I wouldn't worry too much about the cost of the hosting. There are plenty of providers that offer unlimited bandwidth and I doubt it will be that much for a new project.
  9. Todd J

    Todd J New Member

    Australian Website Development

    We have produced a few video sites and yes the hosting is competitive- we have 1 client paying $90/month for what you have described.

    We could design such a site for about 4k.

    Check us out:

    Web Design Byron Bay

    Kind Regards
    Todd Johnson
  10. A&C

    A&C New Member


    I could make you a full on better than youtube site with the following
    Features :

    Index page

    * Site search with live preview drop-down (available site-wide)
    * Featured video player (replaced 'Video of the day')
    * Interactive carousel of videos being watched
    * Accordeon menu for sub-categories
    * Site statistics: online users, total users, videos stats, etc.
    * Tag Cloud (available site-wide)
    * RSS Feed for the entire website
    * Media RSS Feed for better video indexing in search engies (new)

    Browsing pages / Categories

    * Sort videos by: date, views, rating or title
    * Nice tags to mark new, popular or featured videos
    * RSS feed for individual category
    * Smart Pagination

    Video pages

    * Videos can be marked as "restricted" which will require a user to register before seeing the video (new)
    * Ajax rating
    * Ajax video list for 'Related Videos', 'Best in category' and 'Same artist' videos
    * Ajax comment system with avatars
    * Ajax comment pagination; no reload required to see the comments
    Comments Anti-spam protection
    o Word blacklist (great for banning certain words)
    o Duplicate comment check
    o CAPTCHA code for unregistred visitors
    * UTF-8 support for comments
    * 'Lights Off' feature like on Youtube
    * 'Add to My Favorites' button; no reload required
    * Send video to a friend (via email)
    * Share video to any of the popular social networks
    * Flag video (copyright/abuse/fake/etc)
    * Video statistics
    * Permalink for the video
    * Related Articles with thumbnails appear on the page if the Article Module is enabled
    * Video Embed Code generator with backlinks to your site

    User profile

    * Avatar upload
    * 'Online status' indicator
    * 'Last Seen' indicator
    * 'My Favorites' playlist (can be public or private)
    * List of videos submitted by the user
    * Social profile links to: Last.fm, Facebook, Twitter and his/her website

    Playlist page/My Favorites list

    * Larger video player
    * Ajax playlist handling (removing items and video playback)
    * Permalink for sharing the playlist

    videos can be uploaded to youtube or uploaded to a server.

    * Search for the entire articles database
    * Dedicated pages for "Most Read" and "Latest Articles" (new)
    * Auto META tags generator for each article (new)
    * Comments System; exactly the same as for videos
    * Font resizing for visualy impaired visitors
    * Social bookmarking
    * Smooth scroll plugin
    * RSS feed for the articles module

    Other Front-end features

    * sorting Videos by date
    * Top Videos page with sorting by time and by category
    * Random Video button
    * Member list with avatars and alphanumeric sorting
    * Password retrieval
    * Easy language switch with country flags
    * Easy comment removal from front-end (when logged in as Admin)
    * Build-in contact form

    PRICE : 950$
    Full Copyrights Incuded
    And Further Support & Customization.

    You will need to purchase your own domain name.
    Hosting will cost 8$ per month.

    Contact me on [email protected]
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2010
  11. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    I hope you'll find the designer who can do this. ;)

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