Looking for a windows app that will copy a series of mouse/keyboard moves


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Hey guys,

I run a real estate based website, and each week I have to login to the MLS (listing service) and send myself about 20 different emails with property lists, so that I can then link to those lists from my website.

I'm looking for an application that would do something like this:

1. I click "record"
2. I click through my MLS site to send myself all the property lists (this usually takes about 20 minutes, the whole reason I'm trying to automate the process)
3. I click "stop"
4. Next time I want to send myself all the lists, I just have it run that same process, kind of like a macro.

Is there anything out there that could accomplish this? It would really make my life easier!!

Thanks guys


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You're asking for a virus... It's called a key logger and people use them to record credit card details and website logins etc


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Contact MLS and ask if they have a data feed for developers; then register an elance account and pay someone $200 to develop a quick and dirty script to scrape it for you into the format you desire.